For specialists in training (Arts In Opleiding tot Specialist, AIOS), the Leiden University Medical Center provides, through Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education, education within their own specialism and beyond. This concerns education within the specialism, for example: dermatology (NVDV), gynaecology (Cobra), surgery (basic surgical skills) and clinical geneticists. Boerhaave CME has drawn up a curriculum in which the courses are divided over your education programme in a balanced manner. Together with your trainer, you can integrate this curriculum into your current educational schedule. It is also possible for us to give a course on location in the region, at request and in consultation with the teachers involved.

Multidisciplinary Education

Boerhaave CME organizes the multidisciplinary education for the education and training area (Onderwijs- en Opleidingsregio, OOR). Besides the medical competencies, several non-specialty-related subjects have been indicated in which you should be trained during your education programme. Doctor-patient communication, professional attitude and medico-legal aspects of healthcare are examples of these subjects. The education of Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education contains all these competencies and helps the AIOS make them their own. Daily practice of patientcare offers the base of the courses. By using cases and discussing problems from their own practice various topics are considered.

Apart from the education for specialists in training, Boerhaave CME offers courses for trainers of AIOS. Through these courses, both the trainer and trainee get familiar with topics such as Shared Decision Making, and learn to apply these theories in practice.

The educational programme of Boerhaave CME provides students with multidisciplinary competencies. In addition, it offers you the opportunity to acquire these competencies in an effective manner. In the development of the course offer, suggestions of the OOR-partners in the vicinity have been taken into account. Daily patient care provides the practical context from which the various topics are presented.

Participation fee

The OOR-hospitals finance the participation in the courses for participants from the OOR. Course participants who are employed outside of the OOR should pay the entire course fee. More information about the OOR: OOR Leiden