You are working as a medical assistant. Medical assistants work in the general practice care and help patients with a chronic condition or guide patients with mental symptoms. A medical assistant sees a lot of patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, asthma/COPD and cardiovascular diseases. As a medical assistant, you educate the patient about his or her condition and you guide the patient in using medication and changing to a healthier lifestyle. A medical assistant for mental health carries the task to signal, diagnose and guide (patients with) mental problems. These varying tasks in combination with the developments in health care are the reasons the medical assistance is such a dynamic field of work.

Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education can help you find fitting courses for your interests. As in other medical professions, it is important as a medical assistant to keep yourself educated and up to date on the newest (scientific) developments. Boerhaave CME offers courses regarding different topics in the medical branch. There is always a befitting course to follow for you and your interests.