You are working as a physician assistant. You contribute to the quality, easy accessible care and continuity in the medical care. You are part of a medical team and ease the tasks of the medical specialist. You offer support to the doctor by independently performing medical tasks. Because of the continuity of experience and knowledge, the physician assistant enlarges the efficacy and quality of health care.

As a physician assistant it is important, just like the medical specialist, to keep informed on the developments in the medical world. In the medical professions, the learning process never stops. That is where Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education can come in and help you. In our courses, the newest scientific breakthroughs and medical developments are brought to you by experienced lecturers. In this way, you will always leave our courses educated.

Boerhaave CME offers a few courses for medical auxiliary professions. Amongst others, we welcome physiotherapists, assistants, analysts and physician assistants to our courses. Additionally, you are also invited to a number of courses for medical specialists.