During Advances, the annual two day conference/course for GPs, Wilma Bergman presented the dermatology quiz for the 18th time. She received the Boerhaave medal for the first quiz and each year she scores a 4.8 on a five-point scale for her quiz for GPs. The GPs look forward to the quiz, given at the end of the two days, and she has them on side before she has even started because they know her well by that time. They have learnt a lot through her interesting and entertaining contributions. One strength of the course is the feedback; she deals with the questions from the audience in depth and in a structured way by making use of visual-aids such as pictures and visual commentary. Wilma is a specialist with a generalist view which is why she feels so comfortable with GPs. She transfers her passion for dermatology in a schematic way giving the GPs the structure and the determination so that when they have done her quiz, they understand what it's all about. She plans carefully, ensuring that the images illustrate her points precisely and each year she chooses a different theme to explore in depth, while at the same time making it manageable. Themes include 'Children under five years old'; 'Feet'; ‘Side effects of treatments’. The quiz is a success because of the element of competition, self-assessment, the explanation of common diagnoses and the inclusion of some complex cases. You can see what other GPs score which encourages you to reflect upon your own knowledge. In addition, it gives Wilma Bergman the opportunity to give the GPs a boost and connect them with real life questions.