His passion for the subject is tangible. He finds it motivating to be able to explain complex subjects in a way that the participants understand them, carefully considering which areas are problematic for them, what knowledge they need to do their work adequately and how they can connect this knowledge and apply it to their own practice. His goal is for the students to remember the information learnt for as long as possible and in order to do this, he searches for tricky topics where students make mistakes. Of course no one likes this, but it is an effective tool in ensuring that students truly understand the subject because we only remember things that we fully understand. He simplifies real examples by using models and cartoons because these emphasise the points and make them easier to remember.

Participants on this international course find it particularly important that the teachers make an effort and are involved in the whole learning process. Their feedback shows that they found what they learnt during the course extremely valuable in their own work. During the course they developed tools to understand subjects that they found difficult and scary initially, and this has improved the way they treat patients. He also has former participants who send results of cases where they have used those tools, to see if they have been successful. Mr Hogendoorn learns a lot from teaching; you have to strip the subject back to the bare bones. It is fascinating to see how the students pass on what they have learnt. Teaching is rewarding; you always end up richer than when you started.

The course provides something extra; through the use of examples, anecdotes and jokes, the participants are provided with things they cannot learn from the books. The learning process includes practical experience, first the theory and then they apply this theory to practice.  The end result is a diverse mix of examples offering a good illustration of everyday life. This is where the connection between the class and the real world takes place and the tools learnt are put into practice. This method makes teaching and learning really enjoyable.