Prof.dr. M.J.A. Malessy

Professor Malessy puts himself in his students place when planning his lessons. If the course is intended for OR and out-patients assistants, he speaks to a few of them before he gets started in order to understand their learning goals. He creates his lesson in a similar way to a comic strip story: logical steps with lots of pictures. The size of each step is determined by the participants' prior knowledge, and if the steps fit together as they should, he has achieved his goal and students won’t have any questions about that particular point.

It is his ambition to make a contribution to the existing literature; he wants to fill the gaps and make connections. He uses imagery to help clarify his points: for example, a nerve as an electricity cable. He does not talk too fast, gains eye-contact with his audience and uses real life examples. He is very active during his lectures, using movement to emphasise and give examples.

If participants ask questions during his explanation, he has not achieved his goal and if they still have questions at the end of a lecture, he sees this is a shortcoming; has he overlooked something? No questions are too complicated: if they are, maybe the lecture has been too difficult. He likes fun, lively comments, where participants relate his examples to their own experience because this means that they are looking for links to situations they have experienced themselves and this is what he enjoys. Sometimes there are even comments relating to current or future research; this is an excellent result for him as he has opened doors to a new world for them.