prof.dr. J.V.M.G.

Judith Bovee is a driven pathologist. She finds it fascinating to teach people what happens in a very basic in a cell. In addition, it is interesting to show participants how this knowledge is used to improve patient care. She helps students put this knowledge into context and explains the material at different levels, differentiating according to the background of the participants. She describes how the processes work and how the doctors following the course can apply the knowledge to the diagnoses they make. She knows that the participants appreciate this, because she receives regular feedback from students that they have developed a better idea of what other medical professionals can do with knowledge their of pathology.

The course she gives for Boerhaave Nascholing is for an international audience. Several colleagues from the team contribute and they create a multidisciplinary approach during the course. As a pathologist, every diagnosis is the result of various disciplines working together. The discipline of pathology is constantly developing, more molecular information is now available and, for Judith Bovee, the challenge is to involve her audience in those developments and show that pathology is a subject that makes a valuable contribution to various disciplines.