Eline Slagboom loves her audience. As a jazz singer, she is used to improvising and responding to their needs and does the same in her lectures. As she stands quietly in the wings, she realizes how incredible it is that all these people have come to listen to her and thinks "I love them a little bit". That love is often further encouraged by the group; she sees that all participants in the IDEAL conference are very engaged and is often surprised by the genuine interest in the research she is doing. The audience consists of a mix of animal model researchers, basal anatomy researchers, clinical researchers and clinicians. Eline Slagboom aims to connect all these groups and show the relevance of the data that their research has delivered in the process of aging. The lecture has clear structure using a roof tile construction to keep all audience groups involved. She constructs the roof using tiles representing different topics, and goes into sufficient depth into each subject before moving on. This gives the audience the opportunity to make connections at various points in the lecture. Her teaching style is interactive style she researches her audience in advance, so she can anticipate their questions and discussion points by subject, which she includes on a tile to be used in the discussion afterwards. She stimulates questions by introducing potentially controversial statements and encourages the audience to participate by using the language of the different groups. She is sensitive to signals from the audience and notices if something touches a nerve or raises questions; this can be difficult to deal with and is not a part of the lecture she particularly likes. This is one of the reasons she uses the roof tile construction; this structure offers the participants the opportunity to pick up on any points later in the lecture. Even though she has given this lecture many times, she always spends a lot of time preparing which gives her the opportunity to really make contact during her performance.