If you ask Beatrijs de Leede a question during a training session, she will answer immediately, but she will also remember it and come back to it at later point if it is relevant, relating the topic to the question. This helps students to apply educational theories at a very practical level, because the aim of the course is for students to understand how you can use this information in reality in the hospital. She is flexible, a good listener, acknowledges what students contribute and is understanding. She can turn the practice of students into learning experiences and in this way can even make students who attend the course out of obligation, enthusiastic and they, in turn, give her excellent evaluations. She is able to turn their behaviour around during the training and that has a positive effect.

The courses given by Beatrijs de Leede are “Teach the teacher” courses. In this you are a role model for the trainers. The course approach has been designed to show you a trainer's teaching skills (for example, giving feedback), and how to explain the method or theories. The students are often also interested in the evidence used to show the method and at that point they can get started themselves. She teaches the course together with a clinician and the two teachers complement each other, making the link between education and health care.

Beatrijs de Leede has co-designed and developed the course and keeps it up-to-date. During the course the participants’ experiences and examples are always fascinating and she likes the students to actively engage in class, using their comments to achieve her goal and this allows students to respond to each other and ensures structure and a safe environment. When she discovers weeks, or even years after a course, that students are using what they learned from her, she is extremely happy.