G. Terwindt
Gisela Terwindt loves teaching; it is in her blood as the family on her mother’s side all worked in education. Although Gisela did not become a teacher as she had originally intended, her role as a neurologist involves a great deal of teaching and training at further education level. She achieved high grades in the subject “Headache in Acute Medicine”, one of the courses offered by Boerhaave Nascholing to GPs, in which medical specialists from the LUMC provide insights into the latest knowledge and developments in medical science. She also gained high scores in the Acute Medicine for GPs course, specialising in headaches. She was one of the medical specialists at the end of 2014 and at the beginning of 2015. Dr. Gisela M. Terwindt is both a biologist and a neurologist and she knows everything about headaches.

Terwindt considers it important and especially useful to give practical advice to GPs and has great admiration for GPs and for their diversity of knowledge. During the Acute Medicine course, she gave a practical session highlighting the 10 warning signs that should be considered when a patient presents with a headache. She sees it as her mission to raise awareness about headaches; the impact of a headache is often underestimated, but according to the WHO, migraine is one of the top 6 most stressful ailments.