Life is organized by fear and insecurity, and Langeveld stands up to this with passion and knowledge. He sees himself as well-connected and strives to achieve professional excellence every day. After 25 years of hard work, he has the knowledge and skill and to approach the art of selecting and transferring his knowledge and experience. He knows what to do, how it to do it and he carries it out with feeling, enthusiasm, passion and full throttle. "It's just an incredibly amazing job." He still sees it as a privilege to perform operations; that by cutting into a person, he can be useful to others. What

he does, he does well, doing his best is not enough, he wants to outdo himself. His patient must be able to trust him 100%.

Anatomically, the head-neck is a difficult area and during preparation he shows participants interesting sides of this. After a large number of, on average, eight-hour operations as an ENT doctor, he knows the area well and knows what the challenges and problem areas are for the students.

'Trouver le bon patron' (find the right mentor) is a piece of advice he gives to students. That was an important step in his own learning process. He has found the right teachers for both the maintenance of his car engines and his surgical profession. "I have encountered such gifted people” He has learnt nothing alone. Now he is at the point where he is the teacher, a role model even. He knows the subject inside out and gives tips during the course and at work in the operating room because he sees and hears everything. All sensory impressions are relevant during the cutting and the learning process. "There's a beep.” "You are not holding your knife correctly”. He adapts his instructions to the group, and in his conclusions he brings the content together. He creates a safe environment, "We work intensively together during the course, the same as in the operating room." monitoring everything and jumps in immediately if things are not going well. He wants to light the fire in the students’ minds.