C. Vreeken

Kees Vreeken is a lecturer on radiation protection courses. He stimulates the participants by using refreshing teaching methods and attractive material with up-to-date examples. He enjoys teaching and wants to make the sessions enjoyable for students. He wants them to gain something from his material so he asks questions and keeps participants involved. When he teaches, he supports the students closely: "You can make mistakes, as long you learn from them." His goal is that the participants gain knowledge they will be able to use later.

His teaching is dedicated to practical application and is always focused on the wants and needs of students. He is interested in them and is extra motivated if he sees that they are willing to learn. He helps them in all areas, also as their practice supervisor and this is where the knowledge is put to use. In the seminars/exam practice, he teaches them the skills necessary to pass the exams and will certainly be required as a radiation expert. After his classes, participants often say: "I have learnt something I can actually use."