Adriaan Norbart has scored 5 on a 5-point scale as a teacher on the Teach the Teacher Course. How has he achieved that? He talks to the doctors with respect, listens to what they say, observes the students and pays attention to them. He empathises with them but also makes them examine themselves. Good education must come from both sides; it's not about who is right, but rather finding answers to questions together. The course is well-developed and established and is very interactive and dynamic and Adriaan is able to adapt to different levels. In the past he could not decide whether to become a doctor or a teacher, so giving courses to doctors is a good choice. Sometimes he approaches the doctors as if he is a student and the other time as a trainer. He adapts to their learning styles and also triggers them to work in a different way. Adriaan is a very experienced trainer, he knows how to connect with a group, understands the energy within classroom and if the energy dips, he deals with it and that's how he keeps everyone sharp. He can often be found in hospital talking to doctors. For each course he gives, he forces himself to read two articles on that topic and starts each course by saying “We are going to discuss…” in this way he makes it about the students, what they should do, learn and experience. He gives space and adapts to the behaviour of the group. He prepares to the last detail which means that his attention can be purely focused on the students and their learning process during the course. He is transparent in everything he does and offers real cases that they use in their practice for their own residency or work.